i'm 16 years old, a massive fan of the walking dead and one of the main protragonists glenn rhee, i like comics as well, and as well as the walking dead comics, i like fantastic four and xmen, new xmen film next year... pumped for it


i’ve never taken a cold shower bc when cold meets hot there’s a reaction


There was nice lighting today


I actually wore lipgloss and eyeshadow

This is a tale of life, a tale of feeling, a tale of life. Jimmy stood hunched over attempting to avoid looking at anyone in the eye, he was medium built with brown hair spiked up to keep it out of his eyes. He was dressed from head to toe In blue. He walked through the streets, walking fast and glancing up on occasion to check he was on the right path. He made a turn down a backstreet and walked slowly down the street, he was being self aware now watching every nook and cranny of the place, he saw someone, they nod in greeting and he begins to walk with him. They walked in quiet neither spoke a word. They reached the end of the alleyway to be greeted with what can only be discribed as ‘niche’ heaven, a small area completely shut off from the outside world, comic book shops, memorabilia stores, signed picture, games, books, if it was something with an underground following you could find it here. Jimmy finally lifted his head and said “spoilt for choice, as usual” before walking off towards the comic book store. “Hey, Jimbo, how you holding up” said a friendly, overweight and loud man from behind the counter. “It’s alright, mr comda, just picking up the usually and a snoop” “I got you a usuals behind here, I got some old ones in this week, mate if mine his wife snapped and threaten him with a knife if he didn’t get rid of all his comics and stuff, he couldn’t afford a lawyer so he had to sell them anyway, he lost the trail” mr comda rambled as jimmy explored the shop, his friend had wandered in to, but he seemed only interested in the catwomen comics, so much so that he failed to notice a third entry to the shop. A figure appeared in the store, hood up hiding there face as if being seen there was a bad thing, the figure wander around the store and began looking at something on one of the shelves. Opposite her was, JImmy, he looked up from the comic stared at her for a few moments then remarked “so what cha reading, Claudia” the fiqure jumped back in shock knocking her hood backwards to reveal a young woman, with blond hair and an attractive face. “How did you know it was, me” “Claudia, it was obvious, the other day I remarked about one of these characters in xmen, you gave me and intricate backstory on, wolverine, one that was perfect of the comic book version, indicating you read comic books the only place you can buy them In around 20 miles of the school is right here” “ok, jimmy, that explain how you knew it was me” “Claudia, you wear that hoodie everyday I could recognise anywhere” “you watch me everyday” “I wouldn’t say watched, more observed” by this point Jimmy’s friend had realised that a girl was in the store, he began checking his hair making sure it was still in shape, then checking his breath, then finaly a pit check. He then casually walked behind, Claudia, and rested his arm on the shelf in front of her, positioning his torso directly against hers. “Listen I’d better go, I’ll see you in school, jimmy, and if either of you two idiots tell people I was here I’ll end you, especially you pervert” pushing Jimmy’s friend off of her. “What’s wrong with her, every girl wants a piece of this body” “shit up, lewis, your a 17 year old Virgin who liked comic books and hasn’t even kissed a girl let alone slept with one” jimmy, said calmly while tiding the pile of comics he’d picked out. “We can change that, that alleyway we could you know trap her there and you know have a little fun” lewis said, with a creepy smile. “Are you crazy, that kind of thing gets people arrested, do you want to be like your father really” “don’t you bring my dad in to this, jimmy” “why, lewis, because you didn’t know who he was until your mum sat you down last year and told you how you were concived, by an angry man who thought he deserved her body and then she had to bring up one of the members of the scum of the earths club children” jimmy, said strongly with deep breaths trying to calm himself down. Lewis, looked at him seemingly debating on what to do, before just running out.jimmy, just thought to himself “I hope he dosen’t have his knife on him” (end of part one) copyright me, mofos


me when i know a person is adding stuff that didn’t happen into a story just so they look cooler in front of a group of people








public schooling is a joke i mean you put 200 kids in each grade who are all different and need personalized education and classes and hate each other and you deprive them of using the restroom, eating when they get hungry, etc. and you expect them to be perfect students like no

private school is also a joke you do the exact same thing, make everything harder, and also charge money for it


the sexual tension between me and no one


i can’t stop laughing for some reason